Agricultural Land in Cyprus – New Laws

There have been recent changes to how agricultural land can be used in Cyprus.  After researching the new laws, we have confirmed that the below conditions have to be met in order to build on agricultural land.
*  The plot has to be no further than 500 metres from the building zone.
* Only a permanent resident who does not already own a property in Cyprus can build.
* The plot has to be owned before 4th November 2016 unless it is a gift to family as an inheritance.
* Once the property is built, it cannot be sold for at least 10 years unless it is an inheritance.
*  The plot has to be attached to an access road.
*  Permission from the water authorities must be obtained.
*  Maximum coverage is 240 sqm including verandas.  Maximum basement size is 30 sqm.
*  Footprint is to be no more than 20% including patios, verandas, crazy paving, parking, etc.
*  Only a family, i.e. married couple with or without children, or an adult living with their parents can build.
*  20% has to be allocated as green area.
Purchasers of agricultural land in Cyprus will now NOT be allowed to build unless the above condition have been met.  If land can only be used for agricultural use it will affect the value and who is likely to want to buy it.  The Lands Office now have to revalue all the agricultural land affected by the new laws.
Please email for any questions regarding purchasing or selling agricultural land.

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